I've studied health foods and health in general for more than thirty years.  I've been using energy modalities on myself and family for eleven years.  I've certified in foot zonology twice now with "Voodoo Lu" Parkin and with Kristen Bowen's Studio.  I've learned great stuff from both.  I really enjoy using what I know to help others. Most of those I've zoned have found the foot zone very relaxing.  And I personally can't say enough about EFT. Love it !!!


Stands for Emotional Freedom Technique.  It’s been used in therapy (outside article) with veterans who have PTSD and has been very effective.   It releases the physical component of stored traumas and emotions.  I’ve been using it to help me release trauma from my early childhood.  I've had permanent success with the problems I've worked on.  I love it.  Here is a picture of the EFT tapping points.


  I use it in connection with Louise Hay’s Book “Heal Your Body” because it helps me connect the events that started the problems. I also journal my ah-ha moments and my stupefied ones; greater clarity helps me condense what the issue is to start the tapping process. Watch the video below by the founder of EFT Gary Craig.  I learned EFT from his original Video Training with Book.

What is a Foot Zoning?   

by Kristen Bowen    

Foot Zone Therapy is an ancient and complex alternative therapy based on the principles that our feet are the signal to the rest of our body.  Foot Zone Therapy principles and foot signals date back thousands of years to ancient China and India.  It involves applying directed pressure to the foot along various “zones”, or meridian channels, in order to stimulate other parts of the body. You can think of it as your foot being the keyboard to the rest of your body. Applying specialized pressure techniques to different areas of the foot will trigger different areas of the body.

Foot Zone Therapy and Energy Healing is about changing your focus from illness to wellness. It’s about taking more personal responsibility for your own health and well-being. In today’s world, we are overloaded with environmental toxins, stress, poor food choices, and an overload of sensory information that bombards us constantly. With Foot Zone Therapy and Energy Healing, your body can reconnect with your own God-given ability to renew yourself. The Zone can bring a greater sense of balance into your life. When we have better, balance we have better health.

The Zone itself begins with your right foot and through applied patterned movements along the top, sides, and bottom of your foot energy is transferred to other areas of the body. By doing this your circulation increases, the outflow of hormones increases, and the uptake of oxygen in the body’s cells are enhanced. The nerve endings in the feet are connected to other areas of the body and these connections are known as the signal system of the foot.  Through Foot Zone Therapy and Energy Healing the functions of the body come into greater balance.

Although based on similar principles, Foot Zone Therapy and Reflexology vary greatly. Foot Zone Therapy is based on zones of the foot sending specific signals to other zones of the body. Reflexology relies on reflexes and is more similar to a massage for your feet. Although Foot Zone Therapy may sound and feel like Reflexology, the specific type and pattern of manipulation is very different. Typically, reflexology provides immediate, but temporary relief. Foot Zone Therapy may take longer to provide relief as it is focusing on the underlying signal problems instead of the surfaces pains. However, the effects of Foot Zone Therapy are more long-term and can provide numerous benefits.

Foot Zone Therapy encourages the body’s natural healing abilities by stimulating selected trigger points. Everyone’s body varies in the way it responds to all medicine, including alternative therapies like Foot Zone Therapy. The benefits of Foot Zone Therapy can include increased circulation, renewing of the cell systems, rejuvenation of the immune system, bringing balance back to the body, assisting with appropriate digestion, improved sleep, faster recovery from injuries or illnesses, increased energy, improved mood, and overall relaxation. These are just some of the major benefits being reported. Each person’s results will vary based on their body’s specific needs and abilities.

As a Foot Zone Therapist, I would love to serve you on your road to health in Body and Mind.  Smiles, Alisa


Lymph,immune boost,lymph system                            lymph capularies in tissues, immune system, balanced flow

Lymph is a opaque viscus fluid that parallels the vascular system.  It carries our hormones and our immune fighting agents.  Unlike the arteries it doesn't have the heart to pump it around.  It relies on us using our large muscles (ie: exercise).  So my upper lymph is sluggish and slow.  When I do exercise my glands in my neck start pulsing and become painful.  This is because I've not been active enough to keep them flowing as they should.  So my design is to start doing wall push ups daily to increase the upper body lymph flow.  Another excellent way to increase lymph flow is to do rebound exercise 10-15 minutes a day.  But I don't have a rebounder yet. Watch the video below that shows the relationship the lymph has to the circulatory system.


A Good Health Practice that I find very helpful is early morning meditation.  I had very little success with meditation for a long time because I couldn't get my mind to turn off.  I finally did have success when I started using a CD.  A friend gave me three she loved from a lady named Kelly Howell of Brain Sync.  And I love them too.  I have Living Prayer, Dreams, and Destiny.  She has many others as well.  For me, meditation has brought stress levels down (didn't realize how much I felt till it wasn't there all the time), increased my creativity, helped me approach problems differently, and just made me happier.  Because my body is used to it now, if I'm in a stressful situation all I have to do is start breathing deeply and the peace returns.  I often will use the theta waves only side while I'm journaling before I do tapping as it helps me go deeper and find more of my stuff.  If you haven't tried meditation yet, or tried and had little success.  I totally recommend trying any of these three CD's.  And I'm grateful to my friend for helping me find them.  Hugs, Alisa :-D








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